A New Hasidism: Branches

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  • Arthur Green (author)
  • Ariel Evan Mayse (author)

About the Book

Publication Date: October 2019

In A New Hasidism: Branches, spiritual seekers are invited to enter the new-old pathway of Neo-Hasidism—a movement that renews and uplifts the great elements of Hasidism’s Jewish revival of two centuries ago to penetrate into the meaning of existence, see everything anew, and go about lessening the gap between the world as it is and as it can be.

This is the first volume to diverge from the classical Hasidic path in reviving influential ideas from bygone eras for our times. The eighteen offerings by leading neo-Hasidic thinkers open with Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and Arthur Green’s respective neo-Hasidic credos. Or Rose wrestles with reinterpreting the rebbes’ harsh teachings concerning non-Jews. Each leader weighs the perils of trusting one’s whole being to a single personality: can neo-Hasidism endure as a living tradition without a rebbe? Shaul Magid candidly calibrates Shlomo Carlebach: how “the singing rabbi” transformed him, and why Magid eventually walked away. Other The contributors also discuss: How might women newly enter this here-to-now gendered universe of God-aspects created by and for men? How are we to honor and grow from other religions’ teachings? Can the rebbes’ radiant wisdom guide those who struggle with self-diminishment to reclaim wholeness?

Together, these intellectually honest and spiritually robust conversations inspire us to grapple anew with Judaism’s legacy and future.


Arthur Green

Arthur Green (PH. D. Brandeis University, 1975) Director of Hebrew College’s Rabbinical School, is recognized as one of the world’s preeminent authorities on Jewish thought and spirituality. In addition to his Rabbinical School role, he is Irving Brudnick Professor of Philosophy and Religion and is Professor Emeritus at Brandeis University. Previously, he taught at the University of Pennsylvania and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, where he served as dean and president from 1984 to 1993. A prolific author, his most recent books are Radical Judaism (Yale, 2009) and a revised edition of his Jewish vocabulary These Are the Words (Jewish Lights, 2012).

Ariel Evan Mayse

(DD, Beit Midrash Har-El, Jerusalem, 2015; PhD, Jewish Studies, Harvard University, 2015) is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Stanford University. He formerly served as Director of Jewish Studies and visiting Assistant Professor of Modern Jewish Thought at Hebrew College in Newton, MA.  He is also editor of From the Depth of the Well: An Anthology of Jewish Mysticism (Paulist Press, 2014); co-editor of the two-volume collection Speaking Torah: Spiritual Teachings From Around the Maggid’s Table (Jewish Lights, 2013); and author of several scholarly and popular articles on Jewish mysticism.

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