JPS Call to Authors – From Dr. Elias Sacks

Now more than ever, it is crucial that we build bridges between authors, communities, and the public at large. For more than a century, The Jewish Publication Society has stood at the forefront of this vital work by promoting accessible scholarship on the Jewish tradition. Our publications allow Jewish sources and the Jewish experience to speak to an ever-changing world, bringing Judaism’s diverse voices, past and present, to conversations at the heart of contemporary life.

Committed to this mission, JPS seeks authors for original books, translations, and projects in all areas, from the Bible and the ancient world to medieval Jewish history and culture to modern Jewish life and thought. Since our unique niche is “accessible scholarship,” we welcome volumes that are aimed at the serious lay reader, presenting the best of Jewish scholarship in an intellectually rigorous yet accessible and engaging way to a broad public.

You can learn more about the newest developments at JPS, from our latest publications to the forthcoming revision of our iconic Tanakh translation to partnerships with organizations such as Sefaria, in our most recent newsletter and catalog. You can also learn more about how we’ve responded to changes in the publishing industry over the past decade in our 2016 newsletter.

I’m eager to speak with you about your ideas and begin the process of working together. I invite you to reach out to me at or (215) 832-0607.

With gratitude and excitement,

Dr. Elias Sacks
The Jewish Publication Society

JPS Series

We welcome proposals for original books, translations, and projects in all areas of Jewish scholarship, including (but not limited to) proposals for the following series:

The JPS Anthologies of Jewish Thought
This series offers comprehensive works on themes and strands across Jewish thought (past and present), from religious life to ethics and politics to global Jewish cultures, featuring the presentation of key primary sources with commentary. You can find some recent examples here.

Prospective titles:
Israel and the Diaspora
Jewish Feminisms
Judaism and Democracy
Judaism and the Environment
Judaism and Race
Judaism and Science
Mizrahi and Sephardi Life and Thought
Modern Responsa
Prophetic Judaism

The JPS Essential Judaism Series
This series provides source-rich surveys of key themes in Jewish life and thought for use in adult education, undergraduate studies, and other settings. You can find some recent examples here.

Prospective titles:
Thinking about the Body
Thinking about Charity
Thinking about the Chosen People
Thinking about Disability
Thinking about Gender
Thinking about Justice
Thinking about Life and Death
Thinking about Love
Thinking about Politics
Thinking about Ritual
Thinking about Tolerance

The JPS Jewish Intellectual History Series
This series encompasses cutting-edge works that illuminate the broad sweep of Jewish history in novel ways, as well highly readable surveys of specific eras in the Jewish saga.

Prospective titles:
Hellenism and Judaism
The Rabbinic Revolution
The Jewish-Christian Encounter
The Jewish-Muslim Encounter
Heresy: A History
Judaism and Food
Monotheism and its Discontents
Controversies in American Judaism
Controversies in Modern Israeli History
The Lost Stories of the Holocaust
A People’s History of Judaism

The JPS Study Bible Series
This series offers innovative volumes that bring the Bible and history of Judaism to life for readers of all levels and backgrounds, from beginners to experts. You can find some recent examples here.

Prospective titles:
The JPS Ethics Torah Commentary
The JPS Outdoors Torah Commentary

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