JPS Call to Authors, from Rabbi Barry L. Schwartz

JPS is seeking authors for future volumes in our many book series in progress. I share the prospective subjects in these series in the hopes that you may be interested in authoring a volume or know of colleagues who might be. Some of the prospective titles may have contracts pending; others are open, and new suggestions are always welcome.

These volumes are aimed at the educated lay reader, in the “accessible academic” niche of JPS.

We remain committed to our mission to enhance Jewish literacy while embracing creativity. Learn more about our response to recent changes in the Jewish publishing world in this September 2016 letter. I’m eager to hear from you. I can be reached at

The JPS Anthologies of Jewish Thought
A series encompassing comprehensive works on the denominations of modern Judaism and other important schools of thought, featuring the presentation of key primary sources with commentary. View recently published books in this series.

Prospective titles:
Jewish Feminism
Modern Responsa
Prophetic Judaism

The JPS Essential Judaism Series
A series intended to provide a source-rich survey of key themes in Jewish thought for use in adult education and undergraduate studies. View recently published books in this series.

Prospective titles:
Thinking about God
Thinking about Good and Evil
Thinking about Life and Death
Thinking about Repentance
Thinking about Prayer
Thinking about Love
Thinking about Justice
Thinking about Charity
Thinking about Integrity
Thinking about the Chosen People

The JPS Jewish Intellectual History Series
A collection of innovative works intended to address the general sweep of Jewish history in novel ways, and to provide highly readable surveys of specific eras in the Jewish saga.

Prospective titles:
Hellenism and Judaism
The Rise of Rabbinic Judaism
The Maimonidean Controversy
The Jewish Christian Encounter
The Jewish Muslim Encounter
The Birth of Modern Judaism
Controversies in American Judaism
Controversies in Modern Israeli History
A People’s History of Judaism

View a full list of works in progress here.

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