The “People of the Book”

The Jewish Publication Society (JPS) is about the great books of Judaism. Our mission is to promote Jewish literacy and self-understanding through the publication of books of enduring worth.

“Accessible scholarship” is JPS’s unique niche. JPS works represent the highest levels of scholarship, written in a popular manner. Our books include The JPS TANAKH, esteemed Bible commentaries, and hundreds of scholarly and popular works of history, philosophy, and literature.

Our authors, readers and donors represent the entire spectrum of the Jewish community.

The JPS TANAKH (Hebrew Bible)

The JPS TANAKH is widely recognized as the most authoritative and preferred English translation of the Hebrew Bible. Over one million copies have been sold to generations of Jews, Christians, and students of Scripture throughout the world.

Many editions of the Torah and Tanakh are available and are described in this Customer Guide.

The Holy Scriptures, Tanakh 1917 edition (OJPS), is available as a free e-book.

JPS Bible & Torah Commentaries

Award-winning, accessible commentaries by today's top scholars.