A Word of Welcome to The Jewish Publication Society
From Rabbi Barry L. Schwartz, Director


Rabbi Barry L. Schwartz, Director

Welcome to JPS. We are the oldest publisher of Jewish books in the United States. Our roots go back to before the Civil War, and our charter to 1888 in Philadelphia. Our legacy includes two acclaimed translations of the Hebrew Bible (the JPS TANAKH), esteemed biblical commentary, and over 120 years of scholarly and popular works of history, philosophy, and literature that have stood the test of time.

We are old, but young at heart. Our publishing program includes path-breaking new works for the study of the Bible in the 21st century. A growing number of our volumes are now available as e-books. Our mission has always been to enhance Jewish literacy through the publication of great books, and we are doing so now at the dawn of the digital age.

Every purchase and donation to The Jewish Publication Society helps us fulfill our mission. We are grateful for your involvement, and are eager to hear from you. From all of us at JPS, thank you.

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