A Word of Welcome from Rabbi Barry L. Schwartz, Director Emeritus / Interim Director of The Jewish Publication Society

Rabbi Barry L. Schwartz, Director Emeritus / Interim Director

Welcome to JPS. Since 1888, we have been the preeminent not-for-profit publisher of books at the heart of Jewish life in the English-speaking world. Our unique niche is “accessible scholarship,” presenting the best of Jewish scholarship in an intellectually rigorous yet accessible and engaging way to a broad public. Our publications include The JPS TANAKH, esteemed Bible commentaries, landmark projects such as the classic Jewish Catalogs and the first Jewish gender-sensitive translation of the Hebrew Bible (2023), and hundreds of works of history, philosophy, and literature. Our authors include both established and emerging voices, and—along with our readers, supporters, and partner organizations—represent the full spectrum of the Jewish community.

I welcome you to our community, and I invite you to reach out to me so that we can build JPS’s future together. Whether it’s through donations or book purchases that support our mission or ideas for publications that open up new horizons of learning, your partnership make a tremendous difference, and we’re so very grateful.

With gratitude,

Rabbi Barry L. Schwartz
Director Emeritus / Interim Director
The Jewish Publication Society

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