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JPS Bible Commentaries

The JPS Bible Commentary: Psalms

Vol. 1 Projected Publication: 2018 — Sponsored by: Martin Goldman
Vol. 2 Projected Publication: 2020   SPONSOR
Vol. 3 Projected Publication: 2019   SPONSOR
Vol. 4 Projected Publication: 2019   SPONSOR
Vol. 5 Projected Publication: 2019 — Sponsored by: Cohn Memorial Foundation

By Benjamin Sommer, Marc Brettler, Alan Cooper, Adele Berlin, Yair Zakovitch and Avigdor Shinan

This new five-volume collection in the celebrated JPS Bible commentary series will reveal the 150 psalms’ complexity, their meanings, settings, and importance to all readers. Six preeminent scholars will bring their own insights and perspectives to these verses — a collection of Near Eastern poetry that can be read as theology, literature, ritual, and more.

Read more about this JPS project.

The JPS Bible Commentary: Lamentations

Projected Publication: 2018   SPONSOR

by Edward Greenstein

Includes the complete book of Lamentations in Hebrew and in English; a critical line-by-line commentary presenting the latest in scholarship and archaeological research; an introduction discussing literary, thematic, and theological issues; essays; and discussion of the influence and use of Lamentations in Jewish and Christian traditions.

The JPS Bible Commentary: Joshua

Projected Publication: TBA   SPONSOR

by Leonard Greenspoon

The Israelite conquest of the Promised Land.

The JPS Bible Commentary: I & II Samuel

Projected Publication: 2019, 2020 — Sponsored by: Anonymous

by Gary Rendsburg

From Samuel to Saul to David…monarchy comes to ancient Israel and Jerusalem becomes the center of the empire. The tale of King David is the greatest saga of the Hebrew Bible.

JPS Study Bible Series

 The JPS Birthright Bible Commentary

Projected Publication: November 2019   SPONSOR

by Eli Garfinkel

This unique Bible commentary will show readers—those who have been on Birthright trips and those who have not—that the Tanakh is not a dusty, irrelevant book but an eternally sacred text that has many connections to Israel’s roots and to our lives today. Each selection of Bible text is accompanied by a brief summary and a look at its main theme, as well as commentary that speaks to four themes: 1) Torat Yisrael, the theological, spiritual and ethical dimension of Judaism. 2) Medinat Yisrael, events in the Bible and modern Israel. 3) Am Yisrael, the Bible and the idea of Jewish peoplehood. 4) Musagei Yisrael, the Bible’s practical life lessons. Readers will come away with a new understanding of how the association between land, learning and wisdom is what it means to be a Jew, whether one is talking about the second century or the twenty-first.

Rabbi Eli Garfinkel is the spiritual leader of Temple Beth El in Somerset, New Jersey. He is author of three Bible commentaries books used by Ramah campers, and he recently published Mayim La-Eidah, an interactive, digital commentary on Genesis that is available for the iPad.

JPS Jewish Identity Books

Typically Jewish   

Projected Publication: April 2019   SPONSOR

by Nancy Kalikow Maxwell

In this light-hearted, non-fiction book, award-winning writer Nancy Kalikow Maxwell searches personally—from her kitchen to garage to cemetery plot—and beyond ethnic stereotypes for the true source of her Jewish identity—and what “typically Jewish” truly means.

JPS Anthologies of Jewish Thought

The JPS Anthologies of Jewish Thought, a ten-volume series encompassing comprehensive works on the denominations of modern Judaism and other important schools of thought, will feature the presentation of key primary sources with commentary.

JPS Series in Jewish Intellectual History

The JPS Series in Jewish Intellectual History, a ten-volume collection of innovative works, is intended to address the general sweep of Jewish history in novel ways, and to provide highly readable surveys of specific eras in the Jewish saga.

The New Hasidism: Roots

Projected Publication: 2018   SPONSOR

by Arthur Green and Ariel Mayse

For more over a century, diverse religious philosophers and theologians have sought to articulate visions of Judaism that might best be called Neo-Hasidic, founded on certain basic tenets of Hasidism and developed in relation to key figures, texts, and stories associated with the Hasidic movement.

A New Hasidism: Roots is the first-ever volume to present and reflect upon the writings of these diverse and influential religious thinkers in a Neo-Hasidic context. Martin Buber and Hillel Zeitlin were products of fin-de-siècle Europe. Abraham Joshua Heschel, Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, and Shlomo Carlebach all made the transition from old world to new in their thinking as well as their lives. This long-needed volume enriches our understanding of Neo-Hasidic thought, a rich and passionate Jewish spiritual path that interacts openly with the modern world.

JPS Essential Judaism Series

The JPS Essential Judaism Series is intended to provide a source-rich survey of key themes in Jewish thought for use in adult education and undergraduate studies.

Thinking about God: Jewish Views

Projected Publication: 2019   SPONSOR

By Kari Tuling

Who (or what) is God? How does God relate to the world—and to the Jewish people in particular? Thinking About God: Jewish Views investigates how Jewish thinkers have historically approached these questions.

JPS Daily Inspiration Series

The JPS Daily Inspiration Series will present the wisdom of classic and modern works of Judaism in a bold new way: excerpts and commentary that follow the cycle of the weekly Torah portion and Jewish Year.

A Year with the Sages

Projected Publication: 2019   SPONSOR

by Rabbi Reuven Hammer

The second volume in the JPS Daily Inspiration series, A Year With The Sages invites readers to spend a year with the words, ideas, and inspiration of the Sages, as seen through meditations on each of the 54 weekly Torah portions as well as on the Jewish holidays.

The masterful teachings of the Sages, the great rabbinic leaders from the time of Ezra until the conclusion of the Babylonian Talmud, are recorded in the Jerusalem and Babylonian Talmuds, the Mishnah, the Tosefta, and the Tannaitic Midrashim. Their astute and judicious sayings and stories have profoundly transformed Judaism.

Here, Rabbi Reuven Hammer illuminates them by connecting them to the week’s Torah portion, offering reflective commentary on both the Torah and the Sages’ quotations, and sharing a personal story—all helping us to integrate the Sages’ great spiritual insights into our lives.

A Year with Mordecai Kaplan

Projected Publication: 2019   SPONSOR

By Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben

This first volume in the JPS Daily Inspiration Series invites readers to spend a year with the inspiring ideas of Mordecai Kaplan. For each of the 54 weekly Torah portions, Reuben interweaves an idea from the Torah with a quote from Kaplan, commentary, and a personal anecdote, all of which contextualize and illuminate Kaplan’s enduring teachings.

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