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JPS Bible Commentaries

The JPS Bible Commentary: Psalms

Vol. 1 Projected Publication: 2018 — Sponsored by: Martin Goldman
Vol. 2 Projected Publication: 2020   SPONSOR
Vol. 3 Projected Publication: 2019   SPONSOR
Vol. 4 Projected Publication: 2019   SPONSOR
Vol. 5 Projected Publication: 2019 — Sponsored by: Cohn Memorial Foundation

By Benjamin Sommer, Marc Brettler, Alan Cooper, Adele Berlin, Yair Zakovitch and Avigdor Shinan

This new five-volume collection in the celebrated JPS Bible commentary series will reveal the 150 psalms’ complexity, their meanings, settings, and importance to all readers. Six preeminent scholars will bring their own insights and perspectives to these verses — a collection of Near Eastern poetry that can be read as theology, literature, ritual, and more.

Read more about this JPS project.

The JPS Bible Commentary: Lamentations

Projected Publication: 2018   SPONSOR

by Edward Greenstein

Includes the complete book of Lamentations in Hebrew and in English; a critical line-by-line commentary presenting the latest in scholarship and archaeological research; an introduction discussing literary, thematic, and theological issues; essays; and discussion of the influence and use of Lamentations in Jewish and Christian traditions.

The JPS Bible Commentary: Joshua

Projected Publication: TBA   SPONSOR

by Leonard Greenspoon

The Israelite conquest of the Promised Land.

The JPS Bible Commentary: I & II Samuel

Projected Publication: 2019, 2020 — Sponsored by: Anonymous

by Gary Rendsburg

From Samuel to Saul to David…monarchy comes to ancient Israel and Jerusalem becomes the center of the empire. The tale of King David is the greatest saga of the Hebrew Bible.

JPS Study Bible Series

 The JPS Birthright Bible Commentary

Projected Publication: November 2019   SPONSOR

by Eli Garfinkel

This unique Bible commentary will show readers—those who have been on Birthright trips and those who have not—that the Tanakh is not a dusty, irrelevant book but an eternally sacred text that has many connections to Israel’s roots and to our lives today. Each selection of Bible text is accompanied by a brief summary and a look at its main theme, as well as commentary that speaks to four themes: 1) Torat Yisrael, the theological, spiritual and ethical dimension of Judaism. 2) Medinat Yisrael, events in the Bible and modern Israel. 3) Am Yisrael, the Bible and the idea of Jewish peoplehood. 4) Musagei Yisrael, the Bible’s practical life lessons. Readers will come away with a new understanding of how the association between land, learning and wisdom is what it means to be a Jew, whether one is talking about the second century or the twenty-first.

Rabbi Eli Garfinkel is the spiritual leader of Temple Beth El in Somerset, New Jersey. He is author of three Bible commentaries books used by Ramah campers, and he recently published Mayim La-Eidah, an interactive, digital commentary on Genesis that is available for the iPad.

Radiance: Creative Mitzvah Living – The Selected Prose and Poetry of Danny Siegel

Projected Publication: April 2020  SPONSOR

by Danny Siegel
edited by Rabbi Neal Gold

In his first anthology of the most important writings by Danny Siegel, spanning and modernizing fifty years of his insights, Radiance intersperses soulful Jewish texts with innovative Mitzvah ideas to rouse individuals and communities to transform our lives, communities, and world.

A renowned inspirational teacher, Siegel describes the creative—often startling—ways in which individuals from different walks of life have brought compassion into the world, recognizes them as Mitzvah heroes, and suggests how we can apply their life lessons. He also plumbs how giving enriches living, and presents Jewishly-informed best principles for giving away what we have made for world-repair.  A scholar of rabbinic literature, Siegel offers translations and commentaries on Jewish texts illuminating Tzedakah, values, caring, and leadership. In addition, he tops off a half-century of his thought with five new essays reflecting on his current and future vision for a better world.

The selected poetry asks religious and theological questions in face of oppression and war, gives voice to personal lifecycle moments often neglected by ritual, and exults at the wonders of modern Israel and the revelation of love.

Cain Vs. Abel: A Jewish Courtroom Drama

Projected Publication: April 2020  SPONSOR
by Dan Ornstein

Enter the packed courtroom and take your seat as a juror on the Cain v. Abel trial. Soon, the Prosecution and Defense attorneys (angels from Jewish legend) will call Cain, Abel, Sin, Adam, Eve, and God to the witness stand to hear their private perspectives on the world’s first murder. Great Jewish commentators throughout the ages will also offer (admittedly contradictory) testimony on Cain’s emotional, societal, and spiritual influences. As jurors, when we mete out Cain’s punishment, must we factor in his family history, psychological makeup, and the human impulse to sin?

This presentation constitutes a highly eclectic and gripping compilation of Jewish commentators’ insights on the Cain and Abel story. Courtroom scenes are juxtaposed with the author’s commentary advancing novel insights and introspection. And as each of us grapples with Cain’s actions, we confront our own darkest traits. If Cain is a stand-in for all humanity, what can we do to avoid becoming like Cain? Furthering this conversation, the Discussion and Activity Guide promotes open dialogue about human brokenness and healing, personal impulses and societal responsibility.

Unbinding Isaac: The Significance of the Akedah for Modern Jewish Thought

Projected Publication: July 2020 SPONSOR

by Aaron Koller

JPS Essential Judaism Series

The JPS Essential Judaism Series is intended to provide a source-rich survey of key themes in Jewish thought for use in adult education and undergraduate studies.

Thinking about God: Jewish Views

Projected Publication: 2019   SPONSOR

By Kari Tuling

Who (or what) is God? How does God relate to the world—and to the Jewish people in particular? Thinking About God: Jewish Views investigates how Jewish thinkers have historically approached these questions.

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