JPS Audio Bible

The JPS audio-Bible is currently unavailable on our website for weekly listening, but may be purchased through one of our cooperating vendors.

About the Audio Bible

JPS_audiobibleThe JPS TANAKH: The Jewish Bible, audio version is a recorded version of the JPS TANAKH, the most widely read English translation of the Hebrew (the Jewish) Bible. Produced and recorded for The Jewish Publication Society (JPS) by The Jewish Braille Institute (JBI), this complete, unabridged audio version features over 60 hours of readings by 13 narrators.

The goal was to make our Bible available to the blind and visually impaired. And we wanted to have others be able to experience the Bible as it was originally communicated – orally. The sounds of the Hebrew names for places and people are rich and filled with nuance, and through the spoken word you can truly appreciate the cadences and word patterns that infuse the biblical language. Your ears pick up meanings that your eyes might miss.

Audio Bible Narrators

The readers include stage and TV actors, radio personalities, teachers, and voiceover talents, as well as special guest speakers. There are many voices contributing to the recording, just as there are many “voices” in the Bible itself – female and male, young and old, bold and gently, bringing to it experiences and innocence, inquisitiveness and wonder.

Below are biographical summaries of all the narrators.

How to Obtain the Audio Bible

JPS Audio Bible products are available for purchase or by subscription from the following audio book vendors: Audible, iTunes, Scribd, TuneIn, Playster, and 24Symbols. JPS Audio Bible products are also available through the audiobook services of most public libraries and K12 schools.

You may choose the entire Tankah, or individual books of the Torah, Writings or Prophets—whatever best suits your needs. There are 39 products to choose from.

The Audio Bible is available for free to eligible visually impaired and blind individuals from the JBI Library (Jewish Braille Institute). Please contact JBI at or call 800-433-1531.

The JBI Library also offers large print and braille versions of biblical texts and liturgical materials free of charge. 

Guest Narrators

  • Theodore Bikel 
  • Bruce Feiler
  • Tovah Feldshuh
  • Lisa Ann Kirsch
  • Rabbi Harold Kushner
  • Marciarose Shestack

Recurring Narrators

  • Michael Bernstein
  • Norma Fire z”l
  • Kathy Ford
  • M.D. Laufer
  • Elizabeth London 
  • Francie Anne Riley
  • Jonathan Roumie

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