Mission and Vision

We are called the “People of the Book.” The Jewish Publication Society (JPS) is about the great books of Judaism. For the past 125 years JPS has been the preeminent publisher of books at the heart of Jewish culture in the English reading world.

Since 1888 the mission of JPS has been to enhance Jewish literacy and self-understanding with the JPS TANAKH, the most widely read English translation of the Hebrew Bible, Bible commentaries, and hundreds of classic books about Jewish history and thought. As the oldest not-for-profit and non-denominational Jewish publisher in the U.S., JPS publishes works representing the highest levels of scholarship, written in a popular manner. Indeed, “accessible scholarship” remains JPS’s unique niche. Our authors, donors, and readers represent the entire spectrum of the Jewish community.

While our history, award-winning titles, and major publishing projects provide JPS with worldwide credibility and gravitas, competing in today’s publishing world requires innovation and change. JPS recently entered into a publishing partnership with the University of Nebraska Press to assume the business side of our operations: production, licensing, marketing, and sales. JPS now focuses exclusively on what we do best – sourcing and shaping book content – giving life to the classics of Judaism for this generation and the next.

JPS will perpetuate our enduring mission by:

  • Debating, determining and advocating for the next great books of Judaism.
  • Educating the English reading community here and abroad about the classics of Jewish culture.
  • Presenting a 21st century digital edition of the JPS TANAKH and its commentaries.
  • Fully utilizing the interests, expertise and generous financial support of an actively engaged JPS Board of Trustees.
  • Insuring that the legacy of Jewish culture’s great books is carried forward to our children.
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