THE JPS TANAKH: Gender-Sensitive Edition

JPS is excited to announce that we are nearing completion of THE JPS TANAKH: Gender-Sensitive Edition (RJPS).

     Thanks to our partnership with Sefaria, RJPS is expected to be available digitally in the fall of 2022, with the print edition following in mid-2023.

     In the meantime, The Contemporary Torah, our previously published gender-sensitive edition of the Torah (Pentateuch) only, is available now on Sefaria, and a print edition here:

     For a description of RJPS please see below:

RJPS: Short Description  

THE JPS TANAKH: Gender-Sensitive Edition offers the iconic Jewish Publication Society translation of the Bible revised to reflect contemporary gender-appropriate language while maintaining the utmost fidelity to the original Hebrew.

RJPS: Full Description

The first Jewish gender-sensitive translation of the full Hebrew Bible, THE JPS TANAKH: Gender-Sensitive Edition (RJPS or Revised Jewish Publication Society edition) renews the iconic Jewish Publication Society translation of the Bible (NJPS) to reflect changes in the ever-evolving English language while maintaining fidelity to the original Hebrew. References to persons are gender-sensitive yet consistent with ancient gender norms, while references to God are generally gender neutral.

RJPS presents the best of contemporary scholarship’s endeavor to convey the ancient audience’s construal of the Hebrew text regarding the social gender of all referenced parties. Considering the insights of grammar, literary studies, philology, linguistics, and social sciences, it asks “How did the text’s authors and audience interpret social gender in this passage?” to then offer gender-neutral renderings where appropriate and gendered ones where called for—resulting in a faithful and accurate translation.

At the same time, RJPS strives for inclusive language when referring broadly to people, ancestors, and humankind.  In reference to God, RJPS examines every context to arrive at the most appropriate rendering, generally avoiding grammatically masculine pronouns and labels widely construed as ascribing gender (although a gendered term may express a gendered metaphor). To enable the tetragrammaton to be experienced as a name and without masculine connotations, it is typically rendered as God (in small capitals) rather than “the Lord.”

In so doing, this revisiting of the venerable NJPS Bible translation enables Scripture to be experienced as its composers meant it to be understood.

The JPS Tanakh: Gender-Sensitive Edition is poised to become the Bible translation of choice for readers who embrace biblical scholarship with reverence to tradition; for people who embrace an inclusive, egalitarian perspective in their theology and spirituality; for youth and adults in our diverse, gender-sensitive world.

Read the Preface to RJPS here, and Notes on Gender here.

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