We stand with Israel

Like so many across the globe, we at The Jewish Publication Society find ourselves without words even remotely adequate to the horrors and suffering that we have witnessed—and that we continue to witness—in Israel. In those moments when our own words fail us, and when peace seems more distant than ever, it has long been traditional for Jews to turn to the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible), and especially the Psalms, to give expression to our feelings, hopes, and prayers. One such text is Psalm 130, often recited during times of crisis in diverse Jewish communities from across the world:

A song of ascents.
Out of the depths I call You, O ETERNAL One.
O my Sovereign, listen to my cry.

– Psalms 130:1-2

Our thoughts and hearts are with Israel as we stand together and give voice to our hope for safety, peace, healing, and especially the return of those held captive.

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