JPS Audio Bible Weekly Portion

Excerpt #21:


11 The LORD spoke to Moses, saying: 12 When you take a census of the Israelite people according to their enrollment, each shall pay the LORD a ransom for himself on being enrolled, that no plague may come upon them through their being enrolled. 13 This is what everyone who is entered in the records shall pay: a half-shekel by the sanctuary weight—twenty gerahs to the shekel—a half-shekel as an offering to the LORD. 14 Everyone who is entered in the records, from the age of twenty years up, shall give the LORD’s offering: 15 the rich shall not pay more and the poor shall not pay less than half a shekel when giving the LORD’s offering as expiation for your persons. 16 You shall take the expiation money from the Israelites and assign it to the service of the Tent of Meeting; it shall serve the Israelites as a reminder before the LORD, as expiation for your persons.

Download a pdf of this week’s portion and read along: Ki-Tissa -21

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