The Wars of the Lord, Volume 3 Book Five: The Heavenly Bodies and Their Movers, the Relationship Amongst These Movers, and the Relationship Between Them and God; Book Six: Creation of the World

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  • Levi Ben Gershom (Gersonides) (author)
  • Seymour Feldman (translations and notes)
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About the Book

The Wars of the Lord is the major treatise of Levi ben Gershom of Provence (1288-1344), one of the most creative and daring minds of the medieval world. The work, an unparalleled achievement of Jewish thought, is devoted to a demonstration that the Torah, properly understood, is identical to true philosophy.


A well-crafted and scholarly translation. No serious Judaic or philosophy collection should lack this unique and challenging classic work.


Levi Ben Gershom (Gersonides)

Seymour Feldman

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