The Jews of Moslem Spain: Volume 2/3

About the Book

Called by Choice “the most comprehensive survey of a magnificent era,” The Jews of Moslem Spain takes the reader on a journey through history, from 711 C.E. on the slopes of Gibraltar (when the Moslems conquered the Iberian peninsula) through the centuries of the flowering of Jewish culture, “The Golden Age of Spanish Jewry” and closes with the 11th century re-conquest of Spain.

The books (Volume 1 and the combined Volumes 2 and 3) are peopled with soldiers and rabbinic scholars, viziers in the caliph’s court, poets and converts, courtiers and intellectuals.

Eliyahu Ashtor

Eliyahu Ashtor is an historian and educator who has taught in Paris and at Harvard University, and Hebrew University in Jerusalem. His writings have made major contributions to the study of Islamic social history in the Near East during the Middle Ages.

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