The Bible on Location Off the Beaten Path in Ancient and Modern Israel

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  • Julie Baretz (author)
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In this innovative guidebook Julie Baretz takes readers to twenty-one off-the-beaten-path locations in Israel where Bible stories are said to have happened. At each site she sets the scene by relating the historical context of the event, then follows with the biblical text itself and her own lively commentary. Captivating and complex Bible characters bring the locations to life as they face social, ethical, and spiritual dilemmas not unlike our own today. Baretz’s narratives draw on history, archaeology, academic scholarship, and rabbinic literature for interpretations that enhance the meaning of the biblical events. Each story is told in the voice of Baretz as the tour guide—knowledgeable yet informal and friendly.

The Bible on Location traces the chronology and narrative arc of the historical books of Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 and 2 Kings, Ezra, and Nehemiah. The book begins with the Israelites’ arrival in the land of Israel (following the exodus from Egypt and the forty years of wandering) and continues over more than six hundred years, until the return of the Jewish exiles from Babylon to their homeland.

Baretz’s descriptions are accompanied by colorful maps and photographs that put actual and armchair visitors in the middle of the action. Each location reveals a new episode in the biblical narrative and provides inspiration and commentary that will enhance visits to the various sites.


Julie Baretz’s impressive knowledge of history and Bible combined with her awesome aesthetic perspective and credible imagination transform our travels into what feels like a magic carpet ride.
—Rabbi Norman M. Cohen

I have had the privilege of having Julie Baretz as our guide in Israel numerous times. She is an expert storyteller, opening up imaginations and making the listener believe he or she is part of the history of each site.

—Pastor Randy Myers

Julie Baretz

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Julie Baretz (MA in Creative Writing, Bar Ilan University, Israel, 2004) completed the Israel Government Tour Guides training program and received her license from the Ministry of Tourism in 1987. Since then, she has guided thousands of Jewish and Christian visitors around the country. She has also written numerous articles on tourist sites in Israel for on-line publications. She appeared as a guest expert on the Travel Channel series ‘Secret Worlds with Michael Arbuthnot’ for the episode ‘Mystery of the Templars,’ which aired on July 3, 2010. Born in Valley Cottage, New York, she moved to Israel in 1985.

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