Rabbi Michael Hilton

Rabbi Michael Hilton (PhD Oxford University 1980 and ordained by Leo Baeck College 1987) has been a pulpit rabbi since 1980, and since 2001the rabbi of Kol Chai Hatch End Jewish Community, London. He is a Faculty Member and Lecturer, Leo Baeck College Vocational Studies, in partnership with the University of Winchester; and an Honorary Research Fellow, Centre for Jewish Studies, University of Manchester. He is the author of The Christian Effect on Jewish Life, SCM Press, London (1994), and co-author (with Fr. Gordian Marshall OP) of The Gospels and Rabbinic Judaism – A study Guide, SCM Press, London (1988). Rabbi Hilton has contributed articles or to numerous journals and to several edited works, including “How Did the Jewish Community Come to be Where it is today?” in Beyond the Dysfunctional Family: Jews, Christians and Muslims in Dialogue with Each Other and With Britain, edited by Tony Bayfield, Alan Race, Ataullah Siddiqui, The Manor House Abrahamic Dialogue Group, London (2012); and Barmitzvah, Hasidei Ashkenaz, Marriage, Messiah, Mourning, New Year, Prayer, Progressive Judaism and Shavuot in A Dictionary of Jewish-Christian Relations, ed. Ed Kessler and Neil Wenborn, Cambridge University Press (2005).