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Modern Poems on the Bible
An Anthology

By David Curzon (editor)

Classic biblical verses interpreted through modern poetry

This excellent anthology should be in all poetry collections.” —Library Journal

“… these poems vividly demonstrate the vitality of the Bible for a broad spectrum of modern poets.” —Robert Alter, professor of Hebrew and Comparative Literature, University of California, Berkeley

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Modern Poems on the Bible is a collection of imaginative and engaging contemporary responses to the Bible. Guided by the classic rabbinic genre of midrash conceived 1,500 years ago, Curzon chooses poems from Jewish and non-Jewish writers alike and places them beside the biblical passages that were their inspiration.

Among the more than 170 poems in this collection are those by some of the great modern poets, including Yeats, Rilke, Auden, and Amichai. There are also poems by master prose writers: Primo Levi, Jorge Luis Borges, and D.H. Lawrence, to name a few.

About David Curzon

David Curzon was born in Melbourne, Australia and currently lives in New York City. He is a contributing editor at The Forward and at The Jerusalem Review. He has published three books of poetry and midrash and has contributed to many journals and anthologies. He has also translated or co-translated the work of numerous other poets.